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Introducing Anna

4 Sep

Hello everyone! I just graduated from MIT in Physics and (unrelatedly) Writing/Humanistic Studies, and I’m living near San Francisco working on PEN lessons and catching up on sleep. Next year, I’ll be doing research into appropriate technology at Suame Magazine in Kumasi, Ghana. I’ve always been interested in education– particularly, how to help students understand that science doesn’t take place on the blackboard.

I’ve worked with Maddie, Heather, Ned and Aron to develop an alternative energy curriculum at the TTI Fab Lab in Ghana, and helped with Maker Faire Kumasi this past summer. I’ve also taught classes on oil mining in Ecuador, and worked on photovoltaics and solar thermal technology in Nicaragua with D-Lab. Most of my energy-related work experience is in the policy realm: I’ve done research on EU renewable fuel markets for a methanol startup, and investigated the economics of US electricity regulation.