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Introducing Brianna

4 Sep

Hi, I’m Brianna. I graduated from MIT in June (2011) in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and will be studying photovoltaics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia starting in March (2012). It’s probably no surprise therefore, that my area of energy expertise is solar!

Things that I did at MIT that lead to me getting involved in PEN include taking Fundamentals of Photovoltaics, Physics of Energy, and DLab:Energy, selling my soul to the Shakespeare Ensemble, and being roommates with Anna for the first two weeks our freshman year. For PEN, I’m working on lessons in that area, general curriculum development, and acting as Keeper of Deadlines, among other things.

I hail from rural New York State, but am currently based in Cambridge, MA. I like trees, tea, theater, tiny houses, apparently things beginning with the letter T, and making things any way I can.