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16 Apr

PEN continued testing our solar lamp curriculum by teaching this lesson series every Saturday for two months to a group of local high schools through the HSSP program: http://esp.mit.edu/learn/HSSP/index.html

It was a fun group of students to work with. Some highlights include: one kid mentioning lasers in every single class, hearing them come up with new uses for their devices (without prompting), certain kids developing a love (or borderline obsession) with soldering, hearing them accurately teach each other how solar cells work, seeing them get excited about various research ideas going on at MIT (transparent solar cells, paper solar cells, etc). They’re a bright bunch of kids!

Props to Maddie for being such a dedicated teacher, and Ned for his excellent circuit knowledge. I had a great time helping out along the way.

Here are a bunch of pictures:


teaching about batteries


circuit + solar cell + batteries!


battery holder



Introducing Maddie

4 Sep

Hi all! I’m Maddie. I’m a mechanical engineer – for real now, apparently! (I just graduated from MIT Undergrad.)

Working with PEN is my Dream Job: engineering, education, energy, fun people… For me, the best parts about engineering are constantly learning, tinkering and building cool projects, trying new things, working with great people, and hacking at problems that you don’t know how to solve, but know you can figure out with enough time and energy. And trying to share how fun and exciting that is with other students!

In an effort to postpone joining the so-called Real World, I am now attempting to work on PEN full-time. I’ve spent much of this summer working with Anna, Heather, and Albie at the TTI Fab Lab in Ghana, and meeting great people from all over the world there, at Maker Faire Kumasi, and at Fab7 in Lima, Peru.

I am now back in Boston, and excited to keep learning, developing PEN, and exploring hands-on education and fun engineering projects!

Maker Faire Kumasi